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Genre: Drama
Length: 17 mins
Producer: Shehzad Afzal & Mark Sloss
Director/Writer: Mark Sloss
DoP: John Rattigan
Status: Complete
Still from short film Vanille
Still from short film Vanille


Brother and sister are untied after a prolonged period of separation, due to their parents splitting up, however when their mother commits suicide, a cafe in Paris allows both of them to come to terms with their past and look to the future.

Producer Statement:

This film was the very first Skillset Screen Academy Network Collaboration of it's kind in the UK. This was an interesting film for me to produce. I found I was able to help to the writer get back to the core of the story, providing feedback and notes. I was able to construct a marketing plan and strategy for the film, resulting in film finance to be put into place, allowing the film to be shot in Paris, France. I produced the budget and schedule for the film which was challenging due to the limited funds available. Originally the film was to be shot in Glasgow, Scotland, but due to a change in circumstances, the budget and scheduling tasks undertaken prior helped to ease the transfer of the shoot to Paris. Local French actors were and the language spoken was both French and German. The film was subtitled in English.


During 2009, the film screened at Cannes to much praise from festival programmers, which generated interest from other film festivals around the world. The film was selected for the prestigious UK FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL 2009, where it screened before a main feature film, at a number of cinemas across the UK. It was an exciting prospect and honour for the film to have been selected by a French Film Festival to represent their film industry.


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