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Down The Rabbit Hole

Genre: Drama
Length: 15 mins
Producer: Shehzad Afzal
Director/Writer: Eva Pervolovici
DoP: Vlad Filimon-Nastase
Status: Complete
Still from short film film Down the Rabbit Hole
Still from short film Down the Rabbit Hole
Still from short film Down the Rabbit Hole


Innocence of youth becomes embroiled in drug culture which takes a new twist as her childhood love is under threat.

Producer Statement

This film was the first film produced to be shot in the 35mm Film format, using Kodak film stock. This was an interesting film for me to produce, since the film was an international film collaboration, and my previous experience working on international projects would help me in this respect. I wrote a script report for the script which was handed to me and made several suggestions to the writer with notes/feedback to embellish the storyline and also to take advantage into consideration the limited budget available. I created the script budget and scheduled it using Movie Magic software, and I wrote regular cost reports and attended the film project meetings with the film financiers on a regular basis. The Film was shot on location in Romania during the summer of 2008, where Local Romanian actors and crew were hired. The language spoken was Romanian and the film was subtitled in English.


During 2009, the film was shortlisted and selected for competition by the MILAN FILM FESTIVAL in Italy. It has been selected by numerous other film festivals around the world for screening. The film was selected for the prestigious EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2009, where it screened as part of the TRAILBLAZERS programme. Where Shehzad Afzal, the Producer of the film and Eva Pervolovici, the Director, both won TRAILBLAZER awards, which were presented to them by Sir Sean Connery at a special awards ceremony in Edinburgh.


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