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Drifting in from the cold: Fingerprints

Posted on August 25th 2014

After a lenghty period in post-production, Pendulum Drift is finally taking shape with a view to have a festival version of the film released in 2015.

There are still many issues to be addressed, but many of the scenes are flowing and the dramatic elements are being tuned. This was never going to be a simple film to create, and have found that the film merited a long period of critical analysis and evaluation.

The production process which was followed meant that the material needed to be handled carefully. I think after having viewed practically every single frame captured at the shoot, this has led to a thorough examination of the film.

With every frame dissected, fresh iterative decisions are continually being made in the edit suite which will allow for the narrative to shine considering the many nuances of the project.

It has been an ardous journey crafting this film project, but I think when the film is finally released it will have been well worth all the effort.

I never planned to make an easy film, nor use tried and tested film routes. The aim of the project was to create something completely different using methods I researched and developed at the film Academy. Which in-turn would lead to a different experience for the audience.

There is no doubt that Pendulum Drift pushes the envelope in so many ways, and hesistate to say that it was solely a filmmaking journey, rather a holistic creative experience.